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How to purge ('ban') an entire domain in Varnish Cache 3

#####EDIT: NB Ban is technically different from Purge. Banned objects remain in memory but banning is faster than purging. Read the Varnish 3 documentation here and here.

Purge may be a more appropriate action for your use-case; although the examples in the gist below work, it's not necessarily the best way of doing this.

View php_argv_environment.php
# in public_html/index.php
* Where your CodeIgniter ENVIRONMENT is normally defined by the server environment
* variables, and assuming your database settings are automatically set based on
* that environment, this causes a problem when running the application through
* PHP on the command line e.g. in order to run CodeIgniter Migrations

Django Stack


This is a set of instructions to setup a Django Nginx Gunicorn MySQL/Postgres stack on a single Amazon EC2 instance.

Server - AWS

View formatted-print_r.php
# colour-formatted print_r shortcut
if ( ! function_exists('prd')){
function prd($object,$die=TRUE){
# insert span tags
$output = '<span class="die_value">'.$output;
$output = str_replace('[', '<span class="die_key">[', print_r($object,TRUE));
$output = str_replace(']', ']</span>', $output);
$output = str_replace('=> ', '=> <span class="die_value">', $output);
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View mobile_not_implemented.css
/* mobile
============================================================================================== */
@media screen and (min-width: 0) and (max-width: 700px) {
/* hide everything */
div, span, p
display: none;
body:before {
View gist:5559476
# Copied from
# Thanks to Kristian Lyngstøl / @KristianLyng for putting this together
Regular expression cheat sheet for Varnish
Varnish regular expressions are NOT case sensitive. Varnish uses POSIX
regular expressions, for a complete guide, see: "man 7 regex"
Basic matching:

Spreadsheet concatenation formulae

These are tested in Open Office. May need modifying for Excel.

Combine multiple address fields into one

Contatenate cells B5 - F5, inserting a comma and line break, only if the cell is not blank



##Developers’ Tools

I’ve created this list as a place to capture some of the handy tools that frequently get shared among developers.

Note: the category anchors were working yesterday, but seem to have stopped working today. GitHub is no longer rendering anchor tags at each header. If anyone knows of a solution let me know!



#Pirata Logo | September 2012

##Technical Lead

We're looking for a Technical Lead with a wealth of web or app development experience. You will be expected to show incredible attention to detail and be able to understand and solve problems in the context of the bigger picture.

You will be expected to show leadership qualities and be able to oversee small teams of developers across a range of projects. You'll also be required to communicate often complicated concepts to clients without blinding them with acronyms and jargon. You'll ideally have several years experience in back-end development preferably with Python / Django or one or more PHP frameworks or content management systems. You will get involved with hands-on development at times, though this will likely comprise less than a third of each working week.