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@adesmier adesmier/Rakefile
Last active Jan 15, 2017

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Codeship Rakefile to build Jekyll and push to BitBucket
require 'tmpdir'
desc "Generate jekyll site"
task :generate do
puts "## Grabbing data from Contentful..."
system "bundle exec jekyll contentful"
puts "## Creating posts from data files..."
system "ruby dataToPosts.rb"
puts "## Generating Site with Jekyll..."
system "bundle exec jekyll build"
desc "Generate and publish blog to Bitbucket"
task :publish do
Dir.mktmpdir do |tmp|
system "mv _site/* #{tmp}"
system "git checkout -b aerobatic"
system "rm -rf *"
system "mv #{tmp}/* ."
system 'git config --global ""'
system 'git config --global "User Name"'
system "git add ."
system "git commit -am 'Rebuild triggered from Contentful webhook --skip-ci'"
system "git remote add bb"
system "git push -f bb aerobatic"
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