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let computeMaxDollars (n:int) (memo:Dictionary<int64,int64>)=
let rec computeMaxDollars' (ni:int64) =
if ni = 0L || ni = 1L then // base case
match memo|> Memo.tryFind ni with
| Some (nx) -> nx // found in memo. Returning Result.
| None ->
let f = computeMaxDollars'
let nx =
(ni/2L, ni/3L, ni/4L)
|> (fun (x,y,z) -> (f x) + (f y) + (f z))
|> (fun nx -> Math.Max(ni,nx))
memo|> Memo.add ni nx |> ignore // storing the result in memo
computeMaxDollars' (n|>int64)
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