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Created April 4, 2013 11:29
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public abstract class TestContext
public const string AspNetDevelopmentServerPrefix = "AspNetDevelopmentServer.";
protected TestContext();
public virtual UnitTestOutcome CurrentTestOutcome { get; }
public abstract DbConnection DataConnection { get; }
public abstract DataRow DataRow { get; }
public abstract IDictionary Properties { get; }
public virtual System.Web.UI.Page RequestedPage { get; }
public virtual string TestDeploymentDir { get; }
public virtual string TestDir { get; }
public virtual string TestLogsDir { get; }
public virtual string TestName { get; }
public abstract void AddResultFile(string fileName);
public abstract void BeginTimer(string timerName);
public abstract void EndTimer(string timerName);
public abstract void WriteLine(string format, params object[] args);
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