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Last active Aug 15, 2020
Pixelogic's Saturday Standup Podcast Moderator FAQ

The Main Goal

The main goal here is simple - stay interactive with the chat when you feel like it and remove dem trolls! There will be less interaction with chat during these Podcast streams, just as a FYI.

New Commands

!standup - "Welcome to The Saturday Standup Podcast! Today we are talking with {EnterGuestHere} ({EnterSomeSocialLink}) about the future of live programming streams. Have a question? Use !q and your question to be answered by Alec or {EnterGuestHere} at the end of the stream!"

!question - "Have a question for {EnterGuestHere} or Alec? Use !q and then your question to add it to the queue!"

I think these should be pretty self explanatory, but please let me know if you need more clarity.

View FriendProtocol.swift
import UIKit
Protocol Definition: A protocol defines a blueprint of methods, properties, and other requirements that suit a particular
task or piece of functionality.
This protocol, GreetFriendDelegate, requires any conforming type to have an instance method called greetFriend, which
View ARSceneViewExample.swift
//-- Center Middle Overlay --//
@IBOutlet weak var centerOverlayView: UIView!
//-- AR Properties --//
@IBOutlet weak var arSceneView: ARSCNView!
let useARView = true
var screenCenter: CGPoint = CGPoint()
var planeAnchors = [ARPlaneAnchor]()
//-- Scenekit Properties --//