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Created Sep 5, 2018
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Part of the blog post - Timeouts and Retries which will walk through how to combine timeouts and retries in Celery -
from tasks import timeout_and_chords
import time
import shlex
import random
import datetime
import subprocess
from celery import Celery, chord
from celery.exceptions import SoftTimeLimitExceeded, MaxRetriesExceededError
conf = {
"broker_url": "redis://",
"result_backend": "redis://",
"result_expires": "600",
"task_soft_time_limit": "30",
celery_app = Celery()
def add(x, y):
return x + y
def tsum(numbers):
@celery_app.task(bind=True, default_retry_delay=30, retry_kwargs={'max_retries': 5})
def timeout_and_chords(self):
print("Gonna start a long task!")
if self.request.retries == 0:
print("Raising an Error")
raise KeyError("Testing Key Errors")
if self.request.retries == 1:
print("Running chords")
chord(add.s(i, i) for i in range(10))(tsum.s())
raise KeyError("Intentional raise for another retry")
if self.request.retries == 2:
print("Running chords")
chord(add.s(i, i) for i in range(10000000000))(tsum.s())
except SoftTimeLimitExceeded:
print("Clean up now!")
except KeyError:
print("Retrying now")
raise self.retry()
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