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Last active May 30, 2018
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Part of the blog post - Celery - Groups & Loops which explore a few questions I had with Celery and parallelism on it using groups and implementing the same feature using blocking for loop and non-blocking for loop -
# Refer for understanding the concept.
from tasks import run_ping, hello, loop_service, group_service
# Refer for understanding the concept.
import time
import datetime
import subprocess
from celery import Celery, group
conf = {
"broker_url": "redis://localhost:6379/7",
"result_backend": "redis://localhost:6379/7",
"result_expires": "600"
celery_app = Celery()
def hello():
print("Bello Merld at {}".format(
def run_ping(item_num, task_type):
start = time.time()
cmd = "ping -c 4"
subprocess.check_output(cmd.split(), universal_newlines=True)
end = time.time()
print("Item Number: {}, Type: {}, Total time: {:.2f} sec".format(item_num, task_type, end - start))
def loop_service():
start = time.time()
for item in range(NUM_OF_ITEMS):
run_ping.delay(item, "Loop")
# run_ping("item, "Loop")
end = time.time()
print("{} ended, Total time: {:.2f} sec".format(loop_service.__name__, end - start))
def group_service():
start = time.time()
group(run_ping.s(item, "group") for item in range(NUM_OF_ITEMS))()
end = time.time()
print("{} ended, Total time: {:.2f} sec".format(group_service.__name__, end - start))
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