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Adrienne L. Travis adrienne

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async function stream_check(resource $stream, string $mode, int $usec): Awaitable<void>
$r = $w = $e = null;
do {
if ($mode == "r") {
$r = Vector{$stream};
raganwald / record.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Records, Values, and Structs
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function Record (template) {
if (Record.prototype.isPrototypeOf(this)) {
var struct = this;
Object.keys(template).forEach(function (key) {
Object.defineProperty(struct, key, {
enumerable: true,
writable: true,
value: template[key]

Lambda the Ultimate

On page 137 of The Little Schemer, this rather convoluted function appears:

(define multirember&co
  (lambda (a lat col)
      ((null? lat)
       (col (quote ()) (quote ())))
low / ee_clean-install.sql
Created Apr 16, 2009
Cleans up a new ExpressionEngine installation
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# get rid of template groups
TRUNCATE TABLE exp_template_groups;
INSERT INTO exp_template_groups
(group_name, group_order, is_site_default)
('home', '1', 'y');
# get rid of templates
TRUNCATE TABLE exp_templates;
INSERT INTO exp_templates
# This script creates symlinks from a self contained directory to theirappropriate
# places in your site directory, allowing you to maintain addons as Git submodules.
# FieldFrame
ln -sf ../"$addon_dir"/bk.fieldframe.ee_addon/extensions/ext.fieldframe.php ../extensions/ext.fieldframe.php
ln -sf ../../"$addon_dir"/bk.fieldframe.ee_addon/language/english/lang.fieldframe.php ../language/english/lang.fieldframe.php
View EE2_config_vars.php
EE2 hidden configuration variables
Last updated: Jun 20 2010
Obtain this list by putting print_r($this->EE->config->config); on a PHP-enabled template.
adactio / datalist.html
Created Jan 9, 2011
Progressive enhancement with datalist
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Datalist test</title>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<label for="source">How did you hear about us?</label>
<datalist id="sources">
<select name="source">
<option>please choose...</option>
<option value="television">Television</option>
<option value="radio">Radio</option>
View nameparse.php
Name: nameparse.php
Version: 0.2a
Date: 030507
First: 030407
License: GNU General Public License v2
Bugs: If one of the words in the middle name is Ben (or St., for that matter),
or any other possible last-name prefix, the name MUST be entered in
last-name-first format. If the last-name parsing routines get ahold
airways /
Created Jul 19, 2011
ExpressionEngine: new QUERY_PARAM protocol that always works


This is a simple technique which should work on ALL hosts to allow ExpressionEngine to handle URLs without index.php in them. Hopefully EllisLab will add this as a built-in option soon.


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