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Windows Phone WMAppManifest reader that doesn't waste cycles reading the file every time you need to access a value. Usage: var version = ApplicationInfo.Version.
public static class ApplicationInfo
#region Private Members
const string AppManifestName = "WMAppManifest.xml";
const string AppNodeName = "App";
#region Properties
public static string Title { get; private set; }
public static string Version { get; private set; }
public static string Author { get; private set; }
public static string Description { get; private set; }
static ApplicationInfo()
var settings = new XmlReaderSettings { XmlResolver = new XmlXapResolver() };
using (var rdr = XmlReader.Create(AppManifestName, settings))
if (!rdr.IsStartElement())
throw new FormatException(AppManifestName + " is missing " + AppNodeName);
Title = rdr.GetAttribute("Title");
Version = rdr.GetAttribute("Version");
Author = rdr.GetAttribute("Author");
Description = rdr.GetAttribute("Description");
catch (Exception)
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