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Forked from line-o/SandBox.js
Created October 7, 2012 10:53
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Is it possible to sandbox JS code
function sandbox(script, context){
context.window = {};
for (var key in context){
context.window[key] = context[key];
} = context.window;
eval("with (context){~function(){'use strict';" + script + "}()}");
// ~115 bytes:
// function(e,t,n,r){r={};for(n in t)r[n]=t[n];,eval("with(t)~function(){'use strict';"+e+"}()")}
var NOT_ALLOWED = function(name){
return function(){
console.warn(name + "(); is not allowed.");
return function(){};
var scope = {
"alert": function(message){ console.log(message); },
"Function": NOT_ALLOWED("Function"),
"eval": NOT_ALLOWED("eval")
function test(script){
try {
sandbox(script, scope);
} catch (e) {
var samples = [
"alert('good try');",
"~new Function('alert(4)')();",
"(function(){this.eval('good try');}).apply(null)",
"(function(){return this;})().alert(6)"
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aemkei commented Oct 7, 2012

This should work in the browser and Node.js.

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aemkei commented Oct 7, 2012

// This will fail:
sandbox("(function(){this.eval('good try');}).apply(null)", scope);

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aemkei commented Oct 9, 2012

Okay, 'use strict' might fix that.

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"console.log(this, window, self, top, frames, document, parent, document.defaultView);" // should also be protected.
// could be done in line 8: = context.self = = context.frames = context.parent = context.window;

"setTimeout(function () { console.log(this, window); }, 100);" // "this" will be the global object.
// this might work (to be set in the scope object): "setTimeout": function (fn, time) { setTimeout(~function () { fn(); }.call(scope), time); }
"onclick=function () { console.log(this, window); };" // same here.
// how could we protect these cases? Not allowing event handlers and timeouts at all seems a little too strict.

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This one break your jail:
'new (function(){}).constructor('alert("good try")')()'

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