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public abstract Result<Integer> readIntFromFile(String file);
public Result<Integer> adjustValue(Integer value) {
if (value > 5) {
Result.error("Value " + value + " should no be greater than 5");
return Result.ok(5 - value);
public Double calculateAverage(Integer val1, Integer val2) {
return (val1 + val2)/2d;
* Read ints from two files, Adjust the first one and then calculate average.
* Returns a Result wrapping the positive outcome or any error.
public Result<Double> businessOperation(String fileName, String fileName2) {
Result<Integer> val1 = readIntFromFile(fileName);
if (val1.isError()) {
return Result.error(val1.getError());
Result<Integer> adjusted1 = adjustValue(val1.getValue());
if (adjusted1.isError()) {
return Result.error(adjusted1.getError());
Result<Integer> val2 = readIntFromFile(fileName2);
if (val2.isError()) {
return Result.error(val2.getError());
Double average = calculateAverage(adjusted1.getValue(), val2.getValue());
return Result.ok(average);
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