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# Configuration
$WebUrl = ""
$SiteAdminGroup = "CONTOSO\ContosoSiteAdmins"
# Set the AD group as site collection administrator
$Web = Get-SPWeb $WebUrl
$SiteAdminUser = $Web.EnsureUser($SiteAdminGroup)
$SiteAdminUser.IsSiteAdmin = $true
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aflyen commented Feb 12, 2016

In SharePoint it is not supported to add a AD security group as a primary or secondary site collection owner. In provisioning solutions it can be a good practice to have a group of admins with access to all sites for support the owners.

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irwins commented Jun 8, 2016

Hi aflyen,

THis is exactly what I'm looking for! Having a Role-Based Delegation Model in place is a better way to grant/deny sysadmin rights to a site.
I'm unfamiliar with the cmldet Get-SPWeb. I did find a Get-SPOWebTemplate (guessing it's not the same).

Could you give me a link where I can find this cmdlet? Thanks


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