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floating in the ethers

Antonio Savage afmsavage

floating in the ethers
  • Brooklyn, NY
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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am afmsavage on github.
  • I am pantsme ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBnxEczXU7QDH0Gqt8sKDHXaBtg4yVHfzNPx6yyXKWcSQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

afmsavage /
Created November 16, 2019 01:46
Blockstack verification
afmsavage / ethereumbookmarks.txt
Created January 29, 2020 07:30
List of all my Ethereum Bookmarks from Tools to Learning
List of all of my Ethereum related bookmarks in no particular order.
afmsavage / settings.json
Created May 8, 2020 02:09
Extensions List and my settings.json from VSCode
"git.autofetch": true,
"git.confirmSync": false,
"": "C:\\Program Files\\PowerShell\\7\\pwsh.exe",
"vs-kubernetes": {
"vs-kubernetes.helm-path": "/home/pants/.vs-kubernetes/tools/helm/linux-amd64/helm",
"vs-kubernetes.minikube-path": "/home/pants/.vs-kubernetes/tools/minikube/linux-amd64/minikube",
"vs-kubernetes.draft-path": "/home/pants/.vs-kubernetes/tools/draft/linux-amd64/draft",
"vs-kubernetes.draft-path.linux": "/home/tony/.vs-kubernetes/tools/draft/linux-amd64/draft",
afmsavage /
Last active September 27, 2020 20:26
Walkthrough to create Keep-ECDSA node for either mainnet or testnet

Keep Network ECDSA Node Setup Guide

NOTE: I will no longer be updating this guide with the newest testnet bootsrap peers and contract addresses (if they change). You can check the official docs for them at This will only impact the BondedECDSAKeepFactory and SanctionedApplications contract addresses and the bootstrap peers list of the testnet config.toml example below. Last updated when mainnet launched mid Sept.

This guide describes the steps required to get a Keep-ECDSA node up and running on the Ropstein testnet and the Ethereum Mainnet. This guide assumes you are running Ubuntu. If you use a different distro such as Fedora, most commands should remain the same but keep that in mind. Also, please use Novy4's guide to get your server setup and ready to run the ECDSA node. I will be detaili

afmsavage / tBTC-solidity-callchart.svg
Last active June 28, 2020 21:46
Call Chart of tBTC
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afmsavage /
Last active June 29, 2020 03:04
Report of all the functions per contract in the tBTC system

Sūrya's Description Report

Files Description Table

File Name SHA-1 Hash
contracts\DepositLog.sol 17a98b501ab61693eeceed046da20dd67eb3e97c
contracts\deposit\Deposit.sol 6c256db7867985a92d6cf339b1fb55beec0ee9fe
contracts\deposit\DepositFunding.sol 69e72dec9f4ced5a4e4ca4b5f3e249aa772b67b3
afmsavage /
Last active September 29, 2020 06:15
Mainnet Keep Monitoring for ECDSA and Random Beacon

Monitoring for ECDSA and Random Beacon

New Relic

Get an Email and a text message for any of these monitors failing.

Also, download the New Relic app on your phone so you can see everything on the go.


afmsavage /
Last active January 30, 2021 20:09
How to uninstall the Mina Ledger app
This post links my 3Box profile to my Github account! Web3 social profiles by 3Box.
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