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Docs describing HydraDAM branching structure, and tagging/versioning strategy.

HydraDAM Docs for Versioning, Branching, and Tagging

Date Created: 2015-03-06

Home of HydraDAM

At time of writing, the HydraDAM project lives at

HydraDAM versions

HydraDAM uses the Semantic Versioning standard, a.k.a. "SemVer".

When it's decided that a new version is ready for release, a new Git tag will be created for the version, adhering to the naming convention vM.N.P where M is major version, N is the minor version, and P is the patch version. E.g. v1.1.2.

The master Branch

The master branch is used for any development leading to the next major version.

For instance, if the most recent major version is 2.x.x, then any development toward version 3.0.0 must happen off of the master branch.

Version Branches

Every major release after 1.0.0 has a "version branch" which will be used for devloping minor releases and patches for that version. Version branches follow the naming convention M.x where M is the major version.

For instance, upon tagging major release 2.0.0, a version branch named 2.x is created. Any development toward minor releases, or patch releases, for version 2.x must happen off of the 2.x branch.

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