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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Mining cosmicDB
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Mining "COSMIC: Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer" database
import os
from subprocess import call
import pandas as pd
# Cosmic DB has requires login to download data, so neither BioMart or wget actually work.
call(["wget", ""])
call(["gzip", "-d", "CosmicCompleteExport.tsv.gz"])
# read CosmicDB data
cosmic = pd.read_csv('CosmicCompleteExport.tsv', delimiter="\t")
# read in epigenetic protein info
epi = pd.read_csv('epigenetic_proteins.ids.csv')
# intersect and write csvs
epi = epi[['class', 'Associated Gene Name', 'Ensembl Gene ID']]
merged = pd.merge(epi, cosmic, left_on = "Associated Gene Name", right_on = "Gene name")
merged.to_csv("epigenetic_proteins.cosmicDBMutations.csv", index = False)
tmp = merged.groupby('Gene name')['Primary site']
df = pd.DataFrame([
tmp.apply(len).index, # names
tmp.apply(len), # n. tumours
tmp.apply(unique).apply(len), # n. unique tissues
tmp.apply(unique).apply("|".join) # unique tissues
df.columns = ["Associated Gene Name", "Entries Count", "Tissue Count", "Tissues"]
df.to_csv("epigenetic_proteins.cosmicDBMutations.tissues.csv", index = False)
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