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Add a "tracker" attribute to AnnData objects to keep track of transformations to it's data
import scanpy.api as sc
import numpy as np
def add_tracker(field_name="tracker"):
from inspect import getcallargs
from functools import wraps
def tracker(f):
def wrapper(*args, **kwds):
adata = args[0]
if field_name not in adata.uns:
adata.uns[field_name] = np.array([], dtype="<U32")
adata.uns[field_name] = np.append(adata.uns[field_name], [f.__name__])
return f(*args, **kwds)
return wrapper
pp_functions = filter(
lambda x: list(getcallargs(getattr(sc.pp, x), None, None).keys())[0] in ["adata", "data"],
lambda x: not x.startswith("__"), sc.pp.__dict__.keys()))
for function in pp_functions:
setattr(sc.pp, function, tracker(getattr(sc.pp, function)))
a = sc.AnnData(np.random.randint(0, 100, size=(20, 5)))
assert "tracker" not in a.uns
assert "tracker" in a.uns
assert a.uns['tracker'] == np.array(["normalize_per_cell"])
assert all(a.uns['tracker'] == np.array(["normalize_per_cell", "log1p"]))
sc.write("example_anndata.h5ad", a)
a ="example_anndata.h5ad")
assert "tracker" in a.uns
assert all(a.uns['tracker'] == np.array(["normalize_per_cell", "log1p"]))

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@afrendeiro afrendeiro commented Feb 10, 2019

I'd prefer to have a ,more simple and discrete class attribute e.g. "_tracker" of type list to track, but since saving as h5ad is not true object serialization, adding it to uns seemed like the other obvious way.

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