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# This is a cut and paste from
# Just pasted here for quick referece.
# COCO Class names
# Index of the class in the list is its ID. For example, to get ID of
# the teddy bear class, use: class_names.index('teddy bear')
class_names = ['BG', 'person', 'bicycle', 'car', 'motorcycle', 'airplane',
'bus', 'train', 'truck', 'boat', 'traffic light',
'fire hydrant', 'stop sign', 'parking meter', 'bench', 'bird',
'cat', 'dog', 'horse', 'sheep', 'cow', 'elephant', 'bear',
'zebra', 'giraffe', 'backpack', 'umbrella', 'handbag', 'tie',
'suitcase', 'frisbee', 'skis', 'snowboard', 'sports ball',
'kite', 'baseball bat', 'baseball glove', 'skateboard',
'surfboard', 'tennis racket', 'bottle', 'wine glass', 'cup',
'fork', 'knife', 'spoon', 'bowl', 'banana', 'apple',
'sandwich', 'orange', 'broccoli', 'carrot', 'hot dog', 'pizza',
'donut', 'cake', 'chair', 'couch', 'potted plant', 'bed',
'dining table', 'toilet', 'tv', 'laptop', 'mouse', 'remote',
'keyboard', 'cell phone', 'microwave', 'oven', 'toaster',
'sink', 'refrigerator', 'book', 'clock', 'vase', 'scissors',
'teddy bear', 'hair drier', 'toothbrush']
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ramanraja commented Jan 23, 2019

Can you please add 'human' to the list ?

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Sasha95 commented Jan 27, 2019

Can you please add 'human' to the list ?

person in second position

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chamodKanishka commented Dec 4, 2019

Can you please add 'human' to the list ?

in the classes, there is a person class.

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VasilijKolomiets commented Dec 8, 2021


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