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@agumonkey agumonkey/lem.el
Created Mar 9, 2019

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(cl-flet ((fun (x) (1+ x)))
(fun 0))
(let ((fun (lambda (x) (1+ x))))
(fun 0))
(defmacro lem (bs &rest body)
(cl-flet ((fun? (form)
(and (listp form)
(eq (length form) 3)
(eq (car form) 'lambda))))
(if (null bs)
`(progn ,@body)
(let* ((h (car bs))
(k (car h))
(v (cadr h)))
(if (fun? v)
(let ((~bs (cadr v))
(~b (caddr v)))
`(cl-flet ((,k ,~bs ,~b))
(lem ,(cdr bs) ,@body)))
`(let ((,k ,v))
(lem ,(cdr bs) ,@body)))))))
(lem ((n 0))
(lem ((x 0)
(fun (lambda (x) (1+ x)))
(n (1+ x)))
(fun n))
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