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@agumonkey agumonkey/
Created Mar 5, 2019

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for when functools.partial is not enough (and you want to reinvent the sauce)
# function:defaults code:argcount code:varnames can be used for precise curry
def vars(fun):
defaults = fun.__defaults__
argcount = fun.__code__.co_argcount
varnames = fun.__code__.co_varnames
return defaults, argcount, varnames
def cu(f):
TODO: return self..
TODO: handle keywords
bindings = []
_, _, varnames = vars(f)
def satisfied():
return len(varnames) <= len(bindings)
def cur(*a,**k):
if satisfied():
return f(**dict(bindings))
names = varnames[len(bindings):]
fresh = list(zip(names, a))
if satisfied():
return f(**dict(bindings))
return cur
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