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name : kotlin-native
version : 0.6.2
release : 1
source :
- : f073da921938dad3fc145817e538cf856cbb5188ce79a40a58c8a332fb23384f
license : Apache 2.0
component : programming
summary : Multiplatform programming language
description: |
Kotlin/Native compiles Kotlin to native binaries.
networking : yes
builddeps :
- openjdk-8
rundeps :
- openjdk-8
build : |
./gradlew dependencies:update
./gradlew bundle
install : |
mkdir -p $installdir/usr/share/kotlin-native
cp -R dist/* $installdir/usr/share/kotlin-native/
mkdir -p $installdir/usr/bin
find $installdir/usr/share/kotlin-native/bin -type f -not -name "*.bat" -exec sh -c 'ln -sf /usr/share/kotlin-native/bin/$(basename {}) $installdir/usr/bin/' \;
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