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@ahmadawais ahmadawais/wp-custom-routes.js Secret
Last active May 21, 2018

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// Registering custom routes.
site.itSales = site.registerRoute( 'sales/v1', '/resource/(?P<some_part>\\d+)' );
site.itSales().somePart( 7 ); // => myplugin/v1/resource/7
// Query Parameters & Filtering Custom Routes.
site.handler = site.registerRoute( 'sales/v1', 'receipts/(?P<id>)', {
// Listing any of these parameters will assign the built-in
// chaining method that handles the parameter:
params: [ 'before', 'after', 'author', 'parent', 'post' ]
// Yields from the custom data of buyers.
site.handler().post( 8 ).author( 92 ).before( dateObj )... // Sent to paddle.
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