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@ahmadawais ahmadawais/gulpfile.js

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Gulp: Style Task
* Styles
* Looking at src/sass and compiling the files into Expanded format, Autoprefixing and sending the files to the build folder
* Sass output styles:
gulp.task('styles', function () {
return gulp.src('./assets/css/*.scss')
errLogToConsole: true,
//outputStyle: 'compressed',
outputStyle: 'compact',
// outputStyle: 'nested',
// outputStyle: 'expanded',
precision: 10
.pipe(sourcemaps.write({includeContent: false}))
.pipe(sourcemaps.init({loadMaps: true}))
.pipe(autoprefixer('last 2 version', '> 1%', 'safari 5', 'ie 8', 'ie 9', 'opera 12.1', 'ios 6', 'android 4'))
.pipe(filter('**/*.css')) // Filtering stream to only css files
.pipe(cmq()) // Combines Media Queries
.pipe(reload({stream:true})) // Inject Styles when style file is created
.pipe(rename({ suffix: '.min' }))
maxLineLen: 80
.pipe(reload({stream:true})) // Inject Styles when min style file is created
.pipe(notify({ message: 'Styles task complete', onLast: true }))
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