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<?php foreach($latestbooks as $book):?>
<div class='span4 book-holder'> <a href='book-detail.html'><img src='images/image01.jpg' alt='Book' /></a></div>
<div class='span8 book-detail'>
<h2><?php echo $book['title'];?></h2>
<strong class='title'><a href='author.html'> Shreif Ragab</a></strong> <span class='rating-bar'> <img src='images/raing-star2.png' alt='Rating Star' /> </span> <a href='book-detail.html' class='down-btn'>DOWNLOAD NOW</a>
<div class='cap-holder'>
<p><img src='images/image27.png' alt='Best Choice' align='right'/>Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life, It's free and always will be. ... </p>
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