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airspeedswift / permute.swift
Last active Jul 26, 2018
Permutation for MutableCollection
View permute.swift
import QuartzCore
/// Reorder elements in-place into the next permutation, returning false when
/// the collection has been permuted into lexicographical order. To cycle
/// through all permutations, start with a lexicographically-sorted collection
/// and permute until it returns false.
/// - Complexity: O(*n*), where *n* is the length of the collection.
public extension MutableCollection where Self: BidirectionalCollection {
airspeedswift / RBTree.swift
Created Oct 4, 2015
red black tree updated for 2.1b2
View RBTree.swift
private enum ListNode<Element> {
case End
indirect case Node(Element, next: ListNode<Element>)
func cons(x: Element) -> ListNode<Element> {
return .Node(x, next: self)
public struct ListIndex<Element> {
airspeedswift / OrderedSet.swift
Created May 11, 2015
Swift Ordered Set based on Red/Black tree
View OrderedSet.swift
enum Color {
case Red, Black
class Tree<T: Comparable> {
let value: T
let left: Tree<T>?
let right: Tree<T>?
let color: Color
airspeedswift / match.swift
Last active Feb 3, 2018
Minimalist Regex Matcher in Swift
View match.swift
/// Brian Kernighan's article in Beautiful Code talks about the minimalist regex matcher written by
/// Rob Pike for their Practice of Programming book as "one of the best examples of recursion that I
/// have ever seen, and it shows the power of C pointers".
/// Swift strings don't use pointers, and the original code relied heavily on the last character of a
/// C string being `\0`, but you can reproduce many of the nice aspects of the original C code using a
/// combination of slicing and `dropFirst`, the `first` function that returns an optional you can then
/// compare to a non-optional character, and the Swift 1.2 `if...let...where`
/// In theory no string copying should be happening since the slices are just a subrange view on the
airspeedswift / shuffle.swift
Last active Feb 2, 2018 — forked from natecook1000/shuffle.swift
Fisher-Yates shuffle as protocol extension on any random-access collection
View shuffle.swift
// adapted from original, which was (c) 2015 Nate Cook, licensed under the MIT license
// Fisher-Yates shuffle as protocol extensions
import Darwin
extension CollectionType where Index: RandomAccessIndexType {
/// Return a copy of `self` with its elements shuffled
func shuffle() -> [Generator.Element] {
var list = Array(self)
View joke.swift
func tellJoke(name: String, character: Character) {
let punchline = name.filter { $0 != character }
let n = name.count - punchline.count
let joke = """
Q: Why does \(name) have \(n) \(character)'s in their name?
A: I don't know, why does \(name) have \(n) \(character)'s in their name?
Q: Because otherwise they'd be called \(punchline).
View MyReverse.swift
struct MyReversed<Base: BidirectionalCollection> {
let base: Base
extension MyReversed: Collection {
public enum Index: Comparable {
case element(Base.Index)
case end
airspeedswift / SubSliceView.swift
Created Jun 27, 2015
Anything can be Sliceable
View SubSliceView.swift
public struct SubSliceView<C: CollectionType>: Sliceable {
let collection: C
let bounds: Range<C.Index>
public var startIndex: C.Index { return bounds.startIndex }
public var endIndex: C.Index { return bounds.endIndex }
public subscript(idx: C.Index) -> C.Generator.Element
airspeedswift / lazysplit.swift
Created Jun 6, 2017
Lazy split: Swift 3 vs Swift 4
View lazysplit.swift
// Swift 4.0 (and 3.2 as well!)
struct LazySplit<Base: Collection>: Collection
where Base.Element: Equatable,
Base.SubSequence: Collection
struct Index: Comparable {
let start, end: Base.Index
static func ==(lhs: Index, rhs: Index) -> Bool { return lhs.start == rhs.start }
static func < (lhs: Index, rhs: Index) -> Bool { return lhs.start < rhs.start }
airspeedswift / COWTree.swift
Last active Mar 5, 2017
Swift copy-on-write behaviour for a struct using HeapBuffer
View COWTree.swift
// ideally we would define this inside the tree struct
private class _Node<T: Comparable> {
var _value: T
var _left: _Node<T>? = nil
var _right: _Node<T>? = nil
init(value: T) { _value = value }
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