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ajdamico / rare events in survey sampling.R
Last active Nov 29, 2015
survey research does a lousy job of estimating prevalence rates for unlikely events
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xl <- seq( 0 , 10000 , 100 )
my_title <- 'if we randomly choose X people from some population and determine that none have a disease,\nwe can be 95% confident that the population prevalence rate is below Y% for this particular affliction.'
plot( xl , qbeta(1 - 0.05, 1 , xl ) , ylim=c(0,.01),axes=F,xlab="",ylab="",main="\nhow rare is a rare disease?\n\nsurvey research does a lousy job of estimating prevalence rates for unlikely events")
axis(2, at=seq(0,.01,.001), lab=paste0(seq(0,.01,.001)*100,"%"), las=TRUE)
axis(1, at=seq(0,10000,1000), lab=prettyNum(seq(0,10000,1000),big.mark=","), las=TRUE)
text( 3500 , 0.0075 , label = my_title , cex = 1.5, adj=c(0,0))
z <- data.frame( x = 0:100000 , y = qbeta(1 - 0.05, 1 , 0:100000 ) )
ajdamico / wwow.R
Created Dec 7, 2014
world without water
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# setwd( "C:/My Directory/wwow/" ) <- normalizePath( "C:/Program Files (x86)/7-zip/7z.exe" )
ajdamico / puma of my childhood.R
Created Jan 20, 2013
the puma of my childhood
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# install mapping packages
install.packages( c( 'sp' , 'rgdal' ) )
# load necessary libraries
# create a temporary file and directory
tf <- tempfile() ; td <- tempdir()
ajdamico / nona.R
Created Jun 28, 2012
binary operators that never return missing values - how to remove NA values from logical tests
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#create the remove NA function <-
function( x , value = FALSE ){
x[ x ) ] <- value
ajdamico / most recent 100 books posted to paperbackswap.R
Created May 5, 2012
webscrape the ISBN-10 values of the 100 most recent books posted to
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url <- ""
u <- xmlParse( url )
v <- getNodeSet( u , "/Response/Books/Book/ISBN-10" )
w <- sapply( v , xmlValue )
ajdamico / let it be.R
Created Mar 6, 2012
let R sing the beatles
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title = "Let it be"
wow = "words of wisdom"
Verse.1 =
c( "When I find myself in times of trouble" ,
"Mother Mary comes to me" ,
paste( "Speaking" , wow ) ,
title )
ajdamico / using R to replicate the NHIS Multiple Imputation technique.R
Created Feb 12, 2012
replicate the national health interview survey's multiply imputed income technique using R instead of SUDAAN
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#page 118 of the NHIS document
#displays the R code to load the persons file into R as a survey object
#the code below creates a slightly different survey object, one that includes appropriately-imputed income.
#this R code:
# reads the year 2000 personsx file into R
# reads in all five imputed income files
# merges the 2000 personsx file with the five imputed income files
ajdamico / listlabeling.R
Created Oct 31, 2011
roger peng's listlabeling challenge
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#roger peng's listlabeling challenge from
#create three example variables for a list
x <- 1
y <- 2
z <- "hello"
#create the function
makeList <- function(...) {
ajdamico / NHIS download matrix.R
Created Sep 30, 2011
download every file for every year of the National Health Interview Survey and convert them all to csv and stata files
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#load necessary libraries
#set the temporary directory to download all files to!
ajdamico / download all files from an FTP site.R
Created Sep 19, 2011
download fifty years of National Health Interview Survey documentation PDFs
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#install RCurl on your version of R if you don't already have it
#just run this once
#program start
#load the RCurl package
#set your output folder - this is where the pdfs will get saved
setwd("R:/National Health Interview Survey/documentation")
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