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// create a model interpreter for local model (bundled with app)
FirebaseModelOptions modelOptions = new FirebaseModelOptions.Builder()
modelInterpreter = FirebaseModelInterpreter.getInstance(modelOptions);
// specify input output details for the model
// SqueezeNet architecture uses 227 x 227 image as input
modelInputOutputOptions = new FirebaseModelInputOutputOptions.Builder()
.setInputFormat(0, FirebaseModelDataType.FLOAT32, new int[]{1, 227, 227, 3})
.setOutputFormat(0, FirebaseModelDataType.FLOAT32, new int[]{1, numLabels})
// create input data
FirebaseModelInputs input = new FirebaseModelInputs.Builder().add(imgDataArray).build(); // imgDataArray is a float[][][][] array of (1, 227, 227, 3)
// run inference, modelInputOutputOptions);
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