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# @author Avtandil Kikabidze
# @copyright Copyright (c) 2008-2016, Avtandil Kikabidze aka LONGMAN (
# @link
# @license The MIT License (MIT)
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
import Git.git
import functools
class GitHelperAddCommand(Git.git.GitTextCommand):
def __init__(self, view):
self.view = view
def run(self, edit):
self.run_command(['git', 'add', '.'],
functools.partial(self.add_done, "Committing whole repo"))
def add_done(self, message, result):
if result.strip():
sublime.error_message("Error adding files: " + result)
self.view.window().show_input_panel('Commit msg', '', lambda s: self.on_done(s), None, None)
def on_done(self, text):
if text.strip() == "":
sublime.error_message("Commit message is empty!")
self.run_command(['git', 'commit', '-m', text],
def update_status(self, output, **kwargs):
if output.find('nothing to commit, working directory clean') != -1:
sublime.status_message("Nothing to commit, working directory clean")
sublime.status_message("Commit success: "+output)
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