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Last active Jun 4, 2019
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this always crashes
use v5.28;
use warnings;
use FindBin '$RealBin', '$RealScript';
use lib "$RealBin/local/lib/perl5", "$RealBin/lib";
use DateTime::Format::Strptime;
use Storable 'store', 'retrieve';
use Data::Dumper;
use Scalar::Util 'weaken';
my $foo = [
pattern => '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M',
time_zone => 'UTC',
$foo->[1]{a}{b} = $foo->[1];
weaken $foo->[1]{a}{b};
print Dumper($foo->[1]);
store $foo, './big_array.dat';
retrieve './big_array.dat';

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@akarelas-pt akarelas-pt commented Jun 4, 2019


$VAR1 = {
          'a' => {
                   'b' => $VAR1
sv_upgrade from type 7 down to type 1 at /opt/perl-5.28.0/lib/5.28.0/x86_64-linux/ line 414, at ./ line 28.
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