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Last active May 11, 2017
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git init Make the current folder Git enabled
git config --global "Akinjide Bankole"  Identify yourself for commits
git config --global "" Identify yourself for commits (remove --global for a specific project)
git status Show the working tree status (with .git inside)
git add filename.ext Add file to stage
git reset filename.ext Remove file from stage
git rm filename.ext or '*.ext' Remove file from stage and delete
git rm -r directoryname Remove directory from remote
git commit -m "Name of commit" Make a commit with that name
git remote add origin   Create an alias for your remote in the repo at this link
git remote set-url origin Change repo link for your remote origin
git remote rm origin  Remove the remote origin
git push -u origin master  Regular first time push to remember origin to master
git push --force origin Make it push, bitch!
git push -f origin HEAD^:master Undo a push
git pull origin master  Sync to my local master
git diff HEAD Check what's been removed or added since our last commit(HEAD)
git diff --staged   Check what's been removed or added in our stage
git checkout -- filename.ext   Remove all changes since this file was committed
git branch  See all the branches
git ls-files See all the files
git branch branchname Create new branch
git checkout -b branchname   Switch to branch
git merge branchname   Merge branchname with master(first checkout to master)
git branch -d branchname   Delete branch
git config remote.origin.url Check the current repository link
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