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I may be slow to respond.


I may be slow to respond.
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akkuman /
Created Apr 18, 2022 — forked from zchee/
cgo convert list

See also,

Using Go cgo

cgo has a lot of trap.
but Not "C" pkg also directory in $GOROOT/src. IDE's(vim) Goto command not works.

So, Here collect materials.

akkuman / enum_heaps.c
Created Sep 16, 2021 — forked from reinsteam/enum_heaps.c
Sample code of heap enumeration without using Tool Help functions <tlhelp32.h>
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# define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
#pragma warning (push)
/* 4820: '<struct-name>' : 'n' bytes padding added after data member '<member-name>'*/
# pragma warning (disable : 4820)
# include <windows.h>
# include <stdio.h>
akkuman / dllmain.go
Created Aug 13, 2021 — forked from NaniteFactory/dllmain.go
An implementation example of DllMain() entrypoint with Golang. $ go build --buildmode=c-shared -o my.dll && rundll32.exe my.dll Test
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package main
//#include "dllmain.h"
import "C"
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
#__author__ == Tr3jer_CongRong
import re
import sys
import time
import threading
import dns.resolver
akkuman / fofa_rule.sql
Created Mar 15, 2018 — forked from Tr3jer/fofa_rule.sql
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Navicat Premium Data Transfer
Source Server : localhost
Source Server Type : MySQL
Source Server Version : 50542
Source Host : localhost
Source Database : rule
Target Server Type : MySQL