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# Script adb+
# Run any command adb provides on all your currently connected devices,
# Or prompt to select one device
showHelp() {
echo "Usage: adb+ [-a] <command>"
echo " -h: show help"
echo " -a: run command on all device"
echo " command: normal adb commands"
import android.text.TextUtils;
import io.realm.Case;
import io.realm.Realm;
import io.realm.RealmObject;
import io.realm.RealmResults;
public class RealmFullTextSearch {
public static <T extends RealmObject> RealmResults<T> search(Realm realm, Class<T> modelClass, String query, String fieldName, boolean partialSearch){
sevar83 / VarColumnGridLayoutManager
Last active Jul 7, 2022
GridLayoutManager with variable number of columns calculated based on the measured view width
View VarColumnGridLayoutManager
final VarColumnGridLayoutManager layoutManager
= new VarColumnGridLayoutManager(getContext(), OrientationHelper.VERTICAL, false);
VarColumnGridLayoutManager.ColumnCountProvider columnProvider
= new VarColumnGridLayoutManager.DefaultColumnCountProvider(getContext());