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(page "index.html"
[cljs.reader :refer [read-string]]
[app.rpc :as rpc]
[app.routes :as routes]
[app.ui.nav :as nav]
[app.ui.login :as login]
[app.ui.loading :as loading]
[app.ui.inventory.adtypes :as adtypes]
[app.ui.inventory.sites :as sites]
[app.ui.inventory.channels :as channels]
[app.ui.inventory.priorities :as priorities]
[app.ui.inventory.sites-by-channel :as sites-by-channel]
[app.ui.campaigns.all-campaigns :as campaigns]
[ :as flights]
[app.ui.campaigns.advertisers :as advertisers]
[app.ui.component :as component]
[ui.hacks :as hacks]
[ :as app :include-macros true]))
(when-not prerendering?
(on-page-load #(.. js/location reload)))
(if prerendering?
(div (loading/index))
(div (component/git-message)
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