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@alea12 alea12/.vimrc
Last active Feb 13, 2016

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if has('vim_starting')
set nocompatible
set runtimepath+=~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim/
if !has('gui_running')
set t_Co=256
call neobundle#begin(expand('~/.vim/bundle'))
NeoBundleFetch 'Shougo/neobundle.vim'
NeoBundle 'Shougo/neocomplcache'
NeoBundle 'Shougo/neosnippet'
NeoBundle 'Shougo/neosnippet-snippets'
NeoBundle 'itchyny/lightline.vim'
NeoBundle 'violetyk/cake.vim'
NeoBundle 'tpope/vim-rails'
NeoBundle 'tpope/vim-endwise'
call neobundle#end()
filetype plugin indent on
syntax on
set ruler
set number
set laststatus=2
set cmdheight=2
set showmatch
set hlsearch
set incsearch
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set backspace=2
set expandtab
set autoindent
set nobackup
set noswapfile
set autoread
set mouse=a
set clipboard+=unnamed
set visualbell
set hidden
set nocompatible
set wildmenu
set showcmd
set ignorecase
set showmatch
set showmode
set title
set smartcase
set smarttab
set whichwrap=b,s,h,l,<,>,[,]
set nowrapscan
set wildignorecase
nmap ; :
nnoremap j gj
nnoremap k gk
au BufNewFile, BufRead * set iminsert=0
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