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Magento 2 mixins (extend/override for object literals)
* Magento 2 mixins for js files that return an object literal
* (based on
* (for files that return an UIComponent:
* (for files that return a function: )
], function (wrapper) {
'use strict';
return function(targetModule){
* Extend
targetModule.someMethod = wrapper.wrap(targetModule.someMethod, function(originalFn){
// do something before
var result = originalFn(); // call original method (if needed)
// do something after
return result; // return original value
* Override
targetModule.someOtherMethod = wrapper.wrap(targetModule.someFn, function(){
/* copy code from someOtherFn here if needed or write your own; also attempt to
return in line with what the original fn returned to avoid breaking anything */
return targetModule;
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