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Linux kernel, DRM and VGA_SWITCHEROO call stack
radeon module
  __init radeon_init()    (radeon_device.c)
	=> radeon_kms_pci_driver.probe = radeon_pci_probe
    => if (radeon_modeset == 1)
			"radeon kernel modesetting enabled.\n"
			driver = &kms_driver
			pdriver = &radeon_kms_pci_driver
			radeon_register_atpx_handler()    (radeon_atpx_handler.c)
	=> drm_pci_init()    (drm_pci.c)

radeon_driver_load_kms()  (radeon_kms.c)

	radeon_device_init() (radeon_device.c)
	  => "init kernel modesetting"
	  => radeon_asic_init() (radeon_asic.c)
		  => .init = &rv770_init
		      => radeon_get_bios => radeon_get_bios_from_firmwaremake 
	  => radeon_init()  -> dev->init
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