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Git cheat list

Git cheat list

  • specifying revisions:

  • view a diff of 2 files in 2 different commits:

    git diff <HASH-1>:<PATH-A> <HASH-2>:<PATH-B>
  • list of all affected files both tracked/untracked (for automation)

    git status --porcelain
  • name of the current banch and nothing else (for automation)

    git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
  • all commits that your branch have that are not yet in master

    git log master..<HERE_COMES_YOUR_BRANCH_NAME>
  • setting up a character used for comments

    git config core.commentchar <HERE_COMES_YOUR_COMMENT_CHAR>
  • fixing fatal: Could not parse object after unsuccessful revert

    git revert --quit
  • view diff with inline changes (by lines)

    git diff --word-diff=plain master
  • view diff of changes in a single line file (per char)

    git diff --word-diff-regex=. master
  • view quick stat of a diff

    git diff --shortstat master
    git diff --numstat master
    git diff --dirstat master
  • undo last just made commit

    git reset HEAD~
  • list last 20 hashes in reverse

    git log --format="%p..%h %cd %<(17)%an %s" --date=format:"%a %m/%d %H:%M" --reverse -n 20
  • list commits between dates

    git log --format="%p..%h %cd %<(17)%an %s" --date=format:"%a %m/%d %H:%M" --reverse --after=2016-11-09T00:00:00-05:00 --before=2016-11-10T00:00:00-05:00
  • try a new output for diffing

    git diff --compaction-heuristic ...
              --color-words ...
  • enable more thorough comparison

    git config --global diff.algorithm patience
  • restoring a file from a certain commit relative to the latest

    git checkout HEAD~<NUMBER> -- <RELATIVE_PATH_TO_FILE>
  • restoring a file from a certain commit relative to the given commit

  • restoring a file from a certain commit

    git checkout <COMMIT_HASH> -- <RELATIVE_PATH_TO_FILE>
  • creating a diff file from unstaged changes for a specific folder

    git diff -- <RELATIVE_PATH_TO_FOLDER> changes.diff
  • applying a diff file

    • go to the root directory of your repository
    • run:
      git apply changes.diff
  • show differences between last commit and currrent changes:

    git difftool -d
  • referring to:

    • last commits ... HEAD~1 ...
    • last 3 commits ... HEAD~3 ...
  • show the history of changes of a file

    git log -p -- ./Scripts/Libs/select2.js
  • ignoring whitespaces

    git rebase --ignore-whitespace <BRANCH_NAME>
  • pulling for fast-forward only (eliminating a chance for unintended merging)

    git pull --ff-only
  • list of all tags

    git fetch
    git tag -l
  • archive a branch using tags

    git tag <TAG_NAME> <BRANCH_NAME>
    git push origin --tags

    you can delete your branch now

  • get a tagged branch

    git checkout -b <BRANCH_NAME> <TAG_NAME>
  • list of all branches that haven't been merged to master

    git branch --no-merge master
  • enable more elaborate diff algorithm by default

    git config --global diff.algorithm histogram
  • list of all developers

    git shortlog -s -n -e
  • display graph of branches

    git log --decorate --graph --all --date=relative


    git log --decorate --graph --all --oneline 
  • remembering the password

    git config --global credential.helper store
    git fetch

    the first command tells git to remember the credentials that you are going to provide for the second command

  • path to the global config

  • example of a global config

        email = *****
        name = Aleksey Bykov
        password = *****
        tool = p4merge
    [mergetool "p4merge"]
        cmd = p4merge.exe \"$BASE\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\" \"$MERGED\"
        path = \"C:/Program Files/Perforce\"
        trustExitCode = false
        default = simple
        tool = meld
        compactionHeuristic = true
    [difftool "p4merge"]
        cmd = p4merge.exe \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
        path = C:/Program Files/Perforce/p4merge.exe
    [difftool "meld"]
        cmd = \"C:/Program Files (x86)/Meld/Meld.exe\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
        path = C:/Program Files (x86)/Meld/Meld.exe
  • viewing differences between current and other branch

    git difftool -d BRANCH_NAME
  • viewing differences between current and stash

    git difftool -d stash
  • viewing differences between several commits in a diff tool

    git difftool -d HEAD@{2}...HEAD@{0}
  • view all global settings

    git config --global -l
  • delete tag

    git tag -d my-tag
    git push origin :refs/tags/my-tag
  • pushing tags

    git push --tags
  • checking the history of a file or a folder

    git log -- <FILE_OR_FOLDER>
  • disabling the scroller

    git --no-pager <...>
  • who pushed last which branch

    git for-each-ref --format="%(committerdate) %09 %(refname) %09 %(authorname)"
  • deleting remote branch

    git push origin :<BRANCH_NAME>
  • deleting remote branch localy

    git branch -r -D <BRANCH_NAME>

    or to sync with the remote

    git fetch --all --prune
  • deleting local branch

    git branch -d <BRANCH_NAME>
  • list actual remote branchs

    git ls-remote --heads origin
  • list all remote (fetched) branches

    git branch -r
  • list all local branches

    git branch -l
  • find to which branch a given commit belongs

    git branch --contains <COMMIT>
  • updating from a forked repository

    git remote add upstream
    git fetch upstream
    git rebase upstream/master

gernd commented Feb 17, 2017

thanks for sharing! how about categorizing (e.g. inserting some headlines) these commands? (working with branches, working with tags...)

thanks for sharing! how about categorizing (e.g. inserting some headlines) these commands? (working with branches, working with tags...)

Thanks man! Pretty cool 👍

add git help

I am missing this:

Pull, rebase, autostash

git pull --rebase --autostash

Every time I see a git cheat sheet (especially complex ones), I am sad for how ridiculously complicated it is, and that I'll always have to look them up.


You are not alone ...


Thanks for the cheat sheet :)

apfeltee commented Feb 19, 2017

Good stuff right there 👍

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