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Byte Order Mark Utility
/** Source: */
public class BOMUtil {
public final static int NONE=-1;
public final static int UTF32BE=0;
public final static int UTF32LE=1;
public final static int UTF16BE=2;
public final static int UTF16LE=3;
public final static int UTF8=4;
public final static byte[] UTF32BEBOMBYTES = new byte[]{(byte)0x00 ,(byte)0x00 ,(byte)0xFE ,(byte)0xFF ,};
public final static byte[] UTF32LEBOMBYTES = new byte[]{(byte)0xFF ,(byte)0xFE ,(byte)0x00 ,(byte)0x00 ,};
public final static byte[] UTF16BEBOMBYTES = new byte[]{(byte)0xFE ,(byte)0xFF ,};
public final static byte[] UTF16LEBOMBYTES = new byte[]{(byte)0xFF ,(byte)0xFE ,};
public final static byte[] UTF8BOMBYTES = new byte[]{(byte)0xEF ,(byte)0xBB ,(byte)0xBF ,};
public final static byte[][] BOMBYTES=new byte[][]{
public final static int MAXBOMBYTES=4;//no bom sequence is longer than 4 byte
public static int getBOMType(byte[] _bomBytes){
return getBOMType(_bomBytes,_bomBytes.length);
public static int getBOMType(byte[] _bomBytes, int _length){
for (int i = 0; i < BOMBYTES.length; i++) {
for(int j=0; j<_length && j<BOMBYTES[i].length; j++){
if(_bomBytes[j]!=BOMBYTES[i][j]) break;
if(_bomBytes[j]==BOMBYTES[i][j] && j==BOMBYTES[i].length-1) return i;
return NONE;
public static int getBOMType(File _f) throws IOException{
FileInputStream fIn=new FileInputStream(_f);
byte[] buff=new byte[MAXBOMBYTES];
int BOMType=getBOMType(buff,read);
return BOMType;
public static String getFirstBytes(File _f) throws IOException{
FileInputStream fIn=new FileInputStream(_f);
byte[] buff=new byte[MAXBOMBYTES];;
String read = "";
for (int i = 0; i < buff.length; i++) {
read += String.format("%02x", buff[i]) + " ";
return read;
public static int getSkipBytes(int BOMType){
if(BOMType<0 || BOMType>=BOMBYTES.length) return 0;
return BOMBYTES[BOMType].length;
* Just reads necessary bytes from the stream
* @param _fIn
public static Reader getReader(File _f, String encoding) throws IOException{
int BOMType=getBOMType(_f);
int skipBytes=getSkipBytes(BOMType);
FileInputStream fIn=new FileInputStream(_f);
Reader reader=new InputStreamReader(fIn,encoding);
return reader;
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