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<!-- Alfresco Maven Plugin version to use -->
<!-- Alfresco Data directory, which will contain: Content Store (i.e. the files we upload) Database (i.e. the metadata for the uploaded files) Search index (i.e. the indexed content and metadata) Configured in with the
'dir.root' property. -->
<!-- Duplicated with alfresco.solrHome in the plugin, we need them out here to do filtering -->
<!-- Properties used in dependency declarations, you don't need to change these -->
<!-- Alfresco Platform and Share webapp versions, these are the original Alfresco webapps that will be customized and then deployed and run by the tomcat maven plugin when executing for example $ mvn clean install alfresco:run -->
<!-- Default is to run with a Community edition, change to 'enterprise' if using Enterprise edition -->
<!-- Alfresco Surf version, if you change Share version you might need to change Surf version -->
<!-- JRebel Hot reloading of classpath stuff and web resource stuff -->
<!-- Environment to use, Alfresco Maven Plugin will copy alfresco-global-*.properties files from this directory, such as src/test/properties/local -->
<!-- Compile with Java 7, default is 5 -->
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