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Alexander 'Alex' Perez alexanderlperez

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alexanderlperez / gist:a59b15a5c46c9bbc228b
Created Jun 28, 2015
Getting copy/paste from system clipboard to work for ViM in OSX
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Finally got copy/paste from system clipboard to work for ViM in OSX. 💪😭 This is confirmed to work on iterm2, supposedly it should work with too.
1) Upgrade vim to 7.4 with homebrew:
``` bash
brew install vim
2) Since --override-system-vi wasn't working for me, or brew link etc, backup and overwrite the new version to get 7.4 to load w/ a simple 'vim' in the command-line:
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#simple bookmarking
function bookmarklist {
while ((i++)); read -r line; do
echo "$i: $line"
alexanderlperez / applytimerver3.html
Created Nov 1, 2013
NOTE: this code is a little stale and *highly* coupled Using the setTimeout family of functions in an Angular.js module: since the JS engine on the browser updates variables outside of the angular event-loop, $apply() is required to update any values changed outside of a controller. You can see the need for $apply() in Timer.prototype.incrementT…
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Timer Ver. 3
The purpose of this series of fiddles is to explore properly dividing the program logic into model and controller
while appropriately executing the Angular.js 'way' of achieving that result
- the model has been moved outside the controller
function timerCtrl($scope) {
alexanderlperez / gist:7260328
Created Nov 1, 2013
Barebones usage of HTML5 audio playback
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.art {
height: 400px;
width: 400px;
background: url('') no-repeat;
.button {
position: absolute;
top: 2.5em;
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