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island contours in postgis + n50
select ogc_fid, geometri from n50.n50_begrensningskurve a
where st_touches(a.geometri, (select geometri from n50.n50_begrensningskurve where ogc_fid=2680783))
WITH RECURSIVE walk_network(ogc_fid, geom) AS (
SELECT ogc_fid, geom FROM sandbox.justoya WHERE ogc_fid=2625722
SELECT n.ogc_fid, n.geom
FROM sandbox.justoya n, walk_network w
WHERE ST_DWithin(ST_EndPoint(w.geom),ST_StartPoint(n.geom),0.1)
SELECT ogc_fid,geom INTO sandbox.testwalkjustoya
FROM walk_network
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