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const routes = (
<Route path="">
<Route path="/signup" component={SignUp} />
<Route path="/signin" component={SignIn} />
// applied here..
<Route path="/welcome-on-board" component={checkBoarded(Welcome, { withValue: true, redirectTo: '/app/dashboard'}) } />
<Route path="/forgot-password" component={ForgotPassword} />
<Route path="/signout" component={SignOut} />
// .. and here
<Route path="/app" component={checkBoarded(requiresAuth(App), { withValue: false: redirectTo: '/welcome-on-board' })}>
<Route name="dashboard" path="dashboard" component={Dashboard} />
<Route name="profile" path="user-profile" component={UserProfile} />
<Route name="websites" path="websites/:id" component={websiteContext(Websites)}>
<Route name="banners" path="banners" component={Dashboard} />
<Route name="revenues" path="revenues" component={Revenues} />
<Route path="/config" component={requiresAuth(Config)}>
<Route name="page" path="page" component={PageConfig} />
<Route path="*" component={FourOFour} status={404} />
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