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ok so encodes url and javascript to keep away people/scripts from looking at html source and getting the link, instead of waiting for the link to become available while watching ads.
I googled around for any script that works round this but nothing that was working came up.
So I digged a bit yesterday night, and now, I'm ready to give the solution
var adflyLink, lnk;
var g_cnt = 0;
var scriptContent = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].innerHTML;
lnk = scriptContent.match(/ysmm[^;]+;/g);
lnk = lnk[0].replace(/(^[^'"]+['"])([^'"]+)(['"]\;$)/, "$2");
var p1 = '', p2 = '';
for(var z = 0; z <= lnk.length; z++){
if(z%2 == 0)
p1 += lnk.charAt(z);
p2 = lnk.charAt(z) + p2;
adflyLink = atob(p1 + p2).substr(2);
it must be ready straight forward what it does..
All you have to is , open up a javascript console and paste that code, hit enter and have fun with the url :)
For anyone interested in how does it, have a look at view11.js (or view[1-9]+\.js to be exact) at function cnt..

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aslian commented Jul 22, 2014

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