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Insiders Update 15th 2019 - December edition

Welcome to this week's Insiders Update! Insiders gain exclusive access to early previews, updates, news, and events on my OSS work.

Join the community on the Insiders Track 👉 through GitHub Sponsors. Just pay whatever you want.

Insiders Update 15th 2019 - December edition

The Company Christmas Party

It was great to celebrate OpenFaaS Ltd's first year of trading with my lovely wife as my +1.

Here is a quick overview:

  • 🎂 It'll be the project's 3rd birthday next week
  • ⭐️ With 20k stars
  • 📈 Some great homepage sponsors, and room for more
  • 👔 And a budding cloud-native consulting practice

k3sup has two jobs:

  • Installing apps to any Kubernetes cluster through helm 2 or 3 (newest feature)
  • Forming k3s clusters (original use-case)

We added support for:

  • The Kubernetes dashboard, automating the horrible RBAC configuration / secret command - thanks to Alistair Hey
  • Minio - thanks to Burton Rheutan
  • Postgresql - I added this one
  • OpenFaaS can now be installed with helm3 - I also made this change

Try OpenFaaS with helm3, everything will be downloaded for you automatically:

curl -LSfs | sudo sh

k3sup app install openfaas --helm3


inlets can be used to bridge two networks. Inlets OSS supports L7 HTTP and inlets-pro supports L4, TCP

  • Private <> Private

Imagine a restrictive VPC that doesn't allow incoming connections. Tunnel out to another VPC where you run a management control-plane

  • Private > Public

Allow incoming access to on-premises services and / or clusters

  • Public <> Public

Get additional IP addresses for public cloud at a reduced rate


There's a brand-new CLI for inlets which automates provisioning of exit-nodes for you and prints out the connection string for establishing your tunnel.

Currently supported cloud infrastructure:

  • GCP
  • Civo ( Gold sponsor)
  • DigitalOcean ( Platinum sponsor)
  • Packet
  • Scaleway

PRs are welcome, if you'd like to add AWS, Azure, or something else.

Watch the ASCII video and give it a try today!



We hit 20k GitHub stars - thank you everyone for your support!

If you've contributed, then checkout where you are in the leaderboard.

OpenFaaS Cloud - multi-stage

You can now read how to build a multi-stage architecture with OpenFaaS Cloud, this allows for separate staging, and production environments. This is the setup that OpenFaaS Ltd is implementing for DX in production on AWS EKS for their range of monoliths, brownfield microservices and greenfield functions.

Here's an example of the production stage:

Production stage

Community Cluster

Apply for free access to the OpenFaaS Cloud Community Cluster where you can run your own functions and microservices for free, with automated CI/CD, GitHub integration, secret support, and your own sub-domain.

GitLab EE 12.5 now ships with OpenFaaS support

As of version 12.5, GitLab have released support for the OpenFaaS Classic templates in their enterprise product.

OIDC add-on

Do you use OAuth2 / OIDC for authentication at work? Switch out the standard basic auth supplied in OpenFaaS with the commercial OIDC add-on.

This is the third commercial product from OpenFaaS Ltd.

Welcome to Akash Network - our new sponsor!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Greg for his encouragement and for putting that into action. Check out his new venture Akash Networks which aims to capture value from unused compute cycles in a serverless fashion.

Akash is the world’s first super cloud for serverless computing, empowering the architects and builders of the internet with greater access, freedom, and efficiency.

Wrapping up

Welcome to the 5 new sponsors who joined this weekend 😄. We're now at around 98 / 200 GitHub sponsors, which is < 1 % of my Twitter following.

Let's get that up by re-tweeting and sharing?

PS: If you missed out on SWAG or the latest tutorials and blog posts on OpenFaaS, you can catch-up with the Insiders Update from 4th December.

Save the date 🎂 - OpenFaaS 3rd birthday!

Join us for the OpenFaaS 3rd birthday with an online Community Meeting.

We'll have demos from #TeamServerless and an update on the year so far.

OpenFaaS Birthday 3rd Celebration Wednesday, 18 December⋅5:00 – 6:00pm GMT+0

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