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Created Aug 26, 2014

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Swift extensions and inheritance
import UIKit
protocol Thing {
func name() -> String
protocol God {
func talk() -> String
class Base : Thing {
func a() -> String {
return "Base A"
func name() -> String {
return "base name"
extension Base : God {
func talk() -> String {
return "base talk"
class Child : Base {
override func a() -> String {
return "child A"
override func name() -> String {
return "child name"
override func talk() -> String {
return "child talk"
let base = Base()
let child = Child()

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ivanboychuk commented Aug 31, 2018

Nice example. I see you are strong in this. Could you please help me with question below?
I have 2 classes and 1 extension. Like following:

class A // Scene of sprite kit.
  var sprite: SKSpriteNode!
  addSprite() // this method invokes and adds sprite normally
extension A
  func addSprite() {
    sprite = SKSprite(image)
    // sets all positions and size, z position as well
class B: A // B is a simple class
  if condition {
     super.addSprite() // this method also invokes, does the things but on the scene of class A no sprite. 

I believe here is something wrong with inheritance but I don't know what.
If you have some thoughts could you please share it with me.
Thank you in advance.

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