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@alexjohnj alexjohnj/Makefile
Created May 16, 2016

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A generic Makefile template for somewhat complicated LaTeX documents.
# This is a generic Makefile that can be used to compile somewhat complicated
# LaTeX documents. It assumes a directory structure like this
# .
# ├── figures/*.{pdf,tex}
# ├── MAIN.tex
# ├── Makefile
# ├── Preamble.tex
# ├── sections/*.tex
# └── latex.out/
# and that you want to use a LaTeX runner such as latexrun or latexmk. The
# Makefile's configured for latexrun but it should be easy to switch to
# something else by customising the variables $(LATEXRUN) and $(LATEXRUN_OPTS).
# The watch task uses [watchman]( to watch
# all the files defined in the variables $(MAIN), $(BIB_FILE), $(FIGURES),
# $(PREAMBLE), $(SECTIONS) and $(OTHER_FILES) running the all task if any of
# them changes.
# Main TeX file WITHOUT extension
PREAMBLE = Preamble.tex
# No references? Just assign this to nothing.
TMP_DIR = latex.out
FIGURE_DIR = figures
SECTIONS_DIR = sections
FIGURES = $(wildcard $(FIGURE_DIR)/*.tex $(FIGURE_DIR)/*.pdf)
SECTIONS = $(wildcard $(SECTIONS_DIR)/*.tex)
# Define any other files (e.g., BibLaTeX configuration files) here.
LATEX = lualatex
LATEX_OPTS = --interaction=nonstopmode --shell-escape
LATEXRUN = latexrun
LATEXRUN_OPTS = --latex-cmd=$(LATEX) --latex-args="$(LATEX_OPTS)" --bibtex-cmd=biber -O=$(TMP_DIR)
.PHONY: clean
$(LATEXRUN) --clean-all
.PHONY: all
all: $(MAIN).pdf
.PHONY: watch
watchman-make -p $(MAIN).tex $(PREAMBLE) $(FIGURES) $(SECTIONS) $(BIB_FILE) $(OTHER_FILES) -t all
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