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Last active August 18, 2016 13:55
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Sane Laravel Mail example code
// note, to use $subject within your closure below you have to pass it along in the "use (...)" clause.
$subject = 'Welcome!';
Mail::send('emails.welcome', ['key' => 'value'], function($message) use ($subject) {
// note: if you don't set this, it will use the defaults from config/mail.php
$message->from('', 'Sender Name');
$message->to('', 'John Smith')
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Hey man, i still dont get it what is a 'emails.welcome' and ['key' => 'value'] ?! would be nice if you want tell me about it :)

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shahidkarimi commented Aug 18, 2016

I dont want the template. How to send simple email to any email address?
Mail::send("","hi","Hello body")

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Sending simple email is just a headache in Laravel

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