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from collections import namedtuple
Add = namedtuple('Add', 'args')
Xor = namedtuple('Xor', 'left right')
Rot = namedtuple('Rot', 'left right')
Input = namedtuple('Input', 'name')
Const = namedtuple('Const', 'value')
Set = namedtuple('Set', 'var expr')
IV0p = 0x6b08e647
View Errors-Dotty.scala
import scala.util.control.NonFatal
type && [F[_], G[_]] = [x] =>> F[x] & G[x]
trait CombinatorErrors[E] {
def tupleLeft(e: E): E
def tupleRight(e: E): E
def tupleBoth(e1: E, e2: E): E
View Errors.scala
import scala.util.control.NonFatal
trait CombinatorErrors {
type Error
def tupleLeft(e: Error): Error
def tupleRight(e: Error): Error
def tupleBoth(e1: Error, e2: Error): Error
trait Reader[-C, +A] { A =>
View Json.scala
import cats.Eval
import cats.Eq
import cats.instances.char._
import cats.syntax.all._
View DiagT.hs
{-# OPTIONS_GHC -fdefer-typed-holes #-}
{-# LANGUAGE BlockArguments, ScopedTypeVariables, InstanceSigs, ViewPatterns #-}
module Main where
import GHC.Base (liftA2, Alternative, MonadPlus, join)
import Data.Foldable (asum, msum)
import Data.Functor ((<&>))
import Test.QuickCheck
View frequencies.tsv
module 145
export 141
where 121
import 120
_ 116
List 108
$ 106
c 104
Just 104
x 103
View gist:dd99c4ef8392e94df02e83468bb4d644
sealed trait Event[Evt] {
def fire(event: Evt): ZIO[PluginEnv, Throwable, Unit]
def register[R <: PluginEnv](priority: EventPriority, ignoreCancelled: Boolean)
(cb: Evt => ZIO[R, Throwable, Unit]): ZIO[R, Nothing, Canceler]
def await[R <: PluginEnv, A](priority: EventPriority, ignoreCancelled: Boolean)
(check: Evt => ZIO[R, Nothing, Option[A]]): ZIO[R, Nothing, A]
object Event {
View pom.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
View Музыка.md
View Initial.scala
import cats.{Bifunctor, Functor}
import scala.reflect.macros.blackbox
trait Initial[F[_]] {
def fold[Z](alg: F[Z]): Z
object Initial {
def algebra[F[_]]: F[Initial[F]] = macro Impl.apply[F[_]]
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