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Last active Dec 13, 2015
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Reap an m3u playlist from an iTunes library xml file
use xml
use math
import math
import xml/[Xml, XPath]
import structs/ArrayList
import io/File
main: func(args: ArrayList<String>) -> Int {
if(args getSize() <= 3) {
"Usage: %s <path to iTunes Music Library.xml> <name of playlist to extract> <destination m3u file>" printfln(args get(0))
return 0
iTunesXml := File new(args get(1)) read()
playlist := args get(2)
dest := args get(3)
iTunes := XmlDoc new(iTunesXml, "iTunes.xml")
songs := iTunes evalXPath("/plist/dict/array/dict[key='Name' and string='%s']/array/*//integer/text()" format(playlist))
buff := Buffer new()
buff append("#EXTM3U\n")
songs each(|song|
// Song ID
id := song@ content toString() toInt()
// Tags
tags := iTunes evalXPath(
"/plist/dict/dict/key[text()='%d']/following-sibling::dict[1]/key[text()='Name' or text()='Artist' or text()='Total Time' or text() = 'Location']/following-sibling::*[1]/text()" \
(name, artist, tracklength, path) := (tags get(0)@ content toString(), tags get(1)@ content toString(), (tags get(2)@ content toString() toInt()) as Float/1000, tags get(3)@ content toString() replaceAll("%20", " "))
buff append("#EXTINF:%d,%s - %s\n%s\n" format(tracklength round() as Int, artist, name, path))
File new(dest) write(buff toString())
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