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Read file paths, names, hashes into a data frame
from import * # to get L
import pandas as pd
def readMD5file(md5path:Path) -> pd.DataFrame:
Generate MD5 output file by doing a search like:
find /home/jupyter/data/foldersToAdd/ -iname '*jpg' -print0 | xargs -0 -n 100 md5sum >> /home/jupyter/data/foldersToAdd.md5.out
Then read it with this to make a dataframe to check for name uniqueness, path uniqueness, etc..
with open(str(md5path),'r') as f:
lines = L('\n')).map(lambda line:tuple(line.split(' '))).filter(lambda t: len(t) == 2)
dff = pd.DataFrame(list(lines),columns=['hash','path'])
dff['fname'] = dff['path'].map(lambda p: Path(p).parts[-1])
return dff
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